Leadership principles

Our mission is to instil the following principles throughout all our staff:

  1. Insist on the Highest Standards. Always set the standards incredibly high, and motivate others to perform at the same highest standards. Problems are not swept under the rug, they must be resolved completely to ensure they’re not repeated.
  2. Have Backbone; disagree and commit. Respectfully challenge decisions when you disagree and have conviction in your beliefs. Once a decision has been made, make sure to give it your full commitment and dedication.
  3. Are right, a lot. Develop strong judgement skills and refine instincts. Habituate Ourselves to seek a wide range of perspectives and carefully contemplate choices while making decisions.
  4. Frugality. Try to accomplish the most possible with least resources.
  5. Earn Trust. Be self-critical of yourself and be respectful to others. Through your behaviour, gain the trust of your colleagues.
  6. Hire and develop the best. Employ the very best and accommodate them with the very best training.
  7. Customer Obsession. Customer satisfaction and trust our primary focus. We work extremely hard to make our customers feel important, heard and it is our top priority.
  8. Deliver Results. Focus on Company’s Vision and Mission and don’t allow setbacks to deter you from focusing and achieving the goals.
  9. Bias for action. Be time critical in business; be a calculated risk taker because time is money.
  10. Invent and simplify. To be innovative and inventive; think outside the box and come up with original solutions and ideas to improve business.
  11. Dive Deep. Involve yourself with all members of the organisational chart and don’t limit yourself to your own role. The best way to assess the strength and weaknesses of the business is by constantly communicating between different components of the business.
  12. Ownership. To take ownership; all our staff must instil the attitude of being an ‘owner’ within themselves and always ensure that they act in the best interest of the company.
  13. Think Big. Think big to achieve big!
  14. Learn and be curious. Always be in a state of learning and exploring; never be contempt with how much you know.