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Undoubtedly your HR department is under a lot of pressure, and who can blame them? It is an extremely difficult task keeping up with emerging technologies such as cloud-based HR platforms and SAAS, coping with changes in your company’s hierarchies and alliances, being mindful of your employees’ priorities, being aware of demographic dynamics and staying ahead of all the tough competition. The solution is simple – just let go and leave everything in the expert hands of HR Outsourcing Service Provider 1source! Your HR headaches will be a thing of the past as 1source is here to make a change. We’ll take care of all your HR Talent Management functions from top to bottom; from hire to retire.

Comprehensive Service and Offerings – Human Resource:

Talent and HR

Our Value Proposition:

  • Multi-Purpose HR Outsourcing (MPRHO) Reduce workforce costs by outsourcing core HR processes such as Global Mobility, Compliance, Recruitment, Staff Training & Development, Performance & Compensation, just to name a few.
  • Processing Transactions Reduce costs by outsourcing transaction functions such as Employee Data Management and Payroll
  • Employee Analysis Fill gaps in the skillset of employees through innovative tools that intelligently analyse business metrics and performance, in order to foster an effective training and learning environment
  • IT Security Protect the integrity and confidentiality of customer data by having all your databases and application hosted on a dedicated highly secured server.
  • Automation Equip your business with the latest Cloud and SAAS technology to optimise employee experience and business productivity.
  • Standardisation Enforce standardisation across process and location to maximise strategic value.

Unique benefits of working with 1Source:

  • Seamless transition We’ve designed a time tested method which makes the 1source transition for our clients easy and hassle-free.
  • We’re focused on Lean Six Sigma process excellence We offer continual process improvement by only adopting the absolute best business process practices.
  • We’re flexible We produce customised solutions to cater to your specific needs. Our pricing models are also flexible as we offer outcome-based options.
  • We’re tech driven We’re constantly involving ourselves with the latest tech developments, including ERP system and cloud based systems.
  • We’ve got the industry experience We’re experienced in providing solutions tailor made for different industries due to our diverse client base.
  • We’ve got an elite team Our team is made up experienced HR experts possessing both domain certifications & accreditations (IPP, APA) and process certifications & practices.

Outsourcing HR

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